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MASTER APPLICATION NOTICE This generic job application complies with federal and state laws against discrimination however employers using this form should check local ordinances. GENERAL INFORMATION Name Last First Address Mailing Address Middle Initial City Home Telephone State Zip E-Mail Address - Other Telephone Yes Are you authorized to work in the U*S*A. No POSITION Position or Type of Employment Desired Are you able to perform the essential functions of the job you are applying for...
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Hi guys my name is Katie and welcome to this video for jobs after graduation things to consider when applying for jobs okay so ask yourself what do I want to do after leaving University you should have some idea of what you want to do in the future I mean you haven't just spent several years at university gaining a degree for nothing have you thinking about jobs after graduation it's extremely daunting that's why you need to fully prepare after leaving University in order to improve your chances of gaining jobs after University so remember make yourself stand out getting a job laughter great situation is not easy you might be thinking how do I stand a chance against people who are more qualified than me you have just finished University and of course you are unlikely to have ample experience in the area in which you want to work however this doesn't mean to say that you don't stand a chance but this does mean is that you will need to put in that extra time and effort to ensure that you make yourself stand out in other ways so a great way to make yourself stand out in front jobs after graduation is to make yourself stand out to the employers dry out your CV so your CV will outline all of your personal attributes skills and education all of which you can tailor specifically to the job you want to apply for give foot-in-the-door okay so getting a friend the door is a great way for you to get jobs after graduation not only will this give you some insight into your chosen profession they will also allow you to gain confidence and experience along the way of course this set may not necessarily be the step you thought you would have taken but everyone has to start somewhere okay so don't be blindsided by the sort of starting out in a higher end career so the fact is it's become much harder to obtain a job in today's society and even having a degree doesn't guarantee you a job anymore so getting that first foot in the door will really help you to secure a job of your dreams research and prepare okay so what areas you get into to consider what can you see yourself your self doing what are you good at whether your strengths like the above questions are all things you should be asking yourself when you're researching into different job roles so a great place to start is the National Career Service which I've given you the link to here and this will provide lots of advice and information on a whole range of different careers okay starting out at the bottom so starting out at the bottom can be seen as an advantage for many reasons you will be able to gain a closer look into that industry if you are already an employee with that company you can eventually work your way up to a more suitable position even if it's a job you hate starting at the bottom would generate extra experience and personal growth all valuable for your CV and you might decide that in actual fact that industry is not for you and therefore you can eliminate this format your ideal career...
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